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"GMM delivered £43k social value for a nominal introductory rate £4k!!"

Transition to Transform: Coping through Covid, next steps for residents, personal growth and professional development

Juliyah has been delivering the Transition to Transform course for us since September.  The course appealed to us as it’s aimed at people wanting to make a significant change to their lifestyle, giving them the motivation, support and guidance to transform.  We felt this would be helpful for many of our residents who have spoken about wanting to make changes during the pandemic. 

Juliyah has been understanding of our residents’ differing needs and has scheduled time for one to ones with each participant on the course.  She has also kept us updated after each session and alerted us to successes and when residents might need some extra support.

Although it’s still early on in the course, we’ve already received this feedback from one of the participants:

“I'm really loving your course and feel that it has come at a very good time for me.”

We will be gathering feedback from others at the end of the course and are confident we’ll receive more quotes similar to this one.

This is a course that we recommend.

Stephen Innis
Head of Service-Volunteering, Health & Wellness