Parental Coaching


Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed easily and getting frustrated at your children, leaving you feeling immediate guilt at doing so? For every parent, it is normal to be under the constant pressure of being a good parent.



It’s also normal to be bombarded by advice from your own parents or have others question your parenting process.

What is important is the relationship you have with your children. That’s it. We will help you block out the constant advice thrown at you and work through how to improve or nurture the relationship between you and your children.

Learn more.

  • Facts
  • Challenges
  • Deep Dive questions
  • Telling Activities
  • Dreams
  • Role Reversal
  • Do you really know?
  • Time
  • Back to basics
  • Closer look at feelings
  • Confidence
  • Education
  • Learning Formula
  • Meal time Analysis
  • Sleep
  • What do they really want?
  • Their Space
  • Surprise!
  • Making Money Moves!