NQT / TA Teachers


Are you a teaching assistant (TA) who has been promoted to a newly qualified teacher (NQT) and are having to adjust to a full-time schedule of classes? Are you finding the transition stressful and could use some help with finding your footing in becoming a great teacher?



We will help you get comfortable with your transition, taking everything one step at a time, so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Learn more.

  • Putting your knowledge and skills into practice
  • Transitions
  • SEND
  • JD, PS + SWOT
  • The magic Formula
  • Eat the big O.R and SDP
  • Common errors
  • OAPI
  • Getting noticed for the right reasons
  • Image and Impact
  • 4 Keys Value exchange
  • CPD
  • Go MAD with 3M’s
  • Let’s talk about money!