About Gold Mine Mind

What GMM Offers


  1. Holistic Family Life Coaching services (Use the information from C2S)
  2. Performance and Talent Development Coaching
  3. Newly qualified teachers Coaching

Events (coming soon)

  • Team Building


  • What is already there plus the hidden course e.g fast track to employment from unemployment to employment - remember we were talking about "Thinkific?


  1. OD with regards to embedding  EDI, CQ and EI (Lived experiences with creative positive solutions to move forward)
  2. Business Development & Analysis
  3. Business Research

Who we worked with


How GMM Can ADD value to your organisation?

Trends Analysis

GMM, understands that people are crucial assets to the organisation.  People are not mere numbers they are individuals with goals and dreams!

In light of the last 2 years of constant upheaval, challenges and changes their have been green shoots of positive change on how organisations value and appreciate their staff. With changes in working practices organisations have moved into a more agile, lean approach and moved from learning cultures into more dynamic coaching culture!

GMM supports the development of a strong learning and coaching culture by putting in place processes and practices which facilitate and encourage learning for the whole organisation and enables people to own their development.

GMM is driven to meet the need to transform our approaches to learning and development , acting locally and thinking globally. GMM puts in place adaptive and flexible solutions that place the employee experience at the centre of what businesses and organisations do.


Creative Solutions Approaches

GMM understands the importance of the learning and development journey. We treat each individual as a VIP, we build positive partnership  and effective working relationships by promoting enabling environments for effective training and leaning development to take place.

GMM, understands the importance of observing, assessing, planning and then implementing plans which is embedded within EDI, cultural and emotional intelligence strategies. We work with organisations to ensure that establishments are making best use of their staff. We assist and support in helping organisations see creative ways to review their organisational development to make it more representative of society by making the working environment more inclusive and diverse.


People Power

We’ll love to partner with the businesses, organisations, to help build employee capability; improve onboarding, increase speed to competency of new starters, and support career long learning; enabling us to bring people development to the heart of the business:

Cultural intelligence through People Development: We will enable employees to develop their personal and professional capability in a personalised and flexible way to build organisational capability and bring real value to both our organisation and your customers

How we will work with your organisation

We start with a consultative approach and then we:

  1. Collaborate with Stakeholders
  2. Define and design learning interventions
  3. Deliver virtual and in-person leaning solutions
  4. Take an adaptive and collaborative approach on talent and performance development to fit differing requirements
  5. Support your workforce and succession planning processes,
  6. Proactively look to promote career development.
  7. Empower and upskill managers and SMEs to truly fulfil their role of developing individual and team capability.
  8. Develop coaching and mentoring skills across the organisation.
  9. Create communication and engagement plans that support the L&D offering,
  10. Work closely with your Digital L&D Specialist
  11. Work closely with the wider HR team
  12. Utilise multiple data sources
  13. Bring good practices and relevant innovations in L&D into your business